We know the (future) expenses of your car

  • Calculation of following expenses including car maintenance, service and spare parts
  • Calculation of expenses for the fuel, tyres, insurance or the future value of the car
  • List of neglected care, missing maintenance, repair
  • Transparent graphical and tabular arrangement of the following running expenses
    ( TCO ) in period up to 3 years and up to 60.000km per year
  • Calculation of running expenses for driven kilometer ( € / km )
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What will be expenses during following 3 years?

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I am selling a car

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Running expenses of your car will be following

Explore the real running expenses of your car

Running expenses of your car ( JiTiS TCO ) is the importatnt item for every family and company.  The estimation value of these expences has the key role for decision making whether to buy or sell .

JiTiS enables everybody to see the structure of the following expences of every single car – your car . JiTiS can also show the realistic estimation of neccessary repairs including the price.

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