What is the JiTiS ?

JiTiS is the information system for drivers that is calculating the future expenses of the ownership, running expenses, maintenance and repairs of the car.

JiTiS is the guide throughout the technical status evaluation of chosen vehicle, its previous maintenance and also reliable calculator for amateur public.

JiTiS is the special system to obtain qualified data of the future vehicle running expences before its purchase.

JiTiS enables comparison of the future running expenses of various vehicles, so it helps to choose the right one.

JiTiS helps to provide the offer to the public when verifying the vehicle origin and the technical status.

JiTiS provides support offering the future running expenses Calculation.

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What is the way of JiTiS TCO calculation ?

  • JiTiS calculates: Total expenses of owning vehicle, Price for future driven kilometer, List of the future monthly expensives, Neglected care expensives Calculation, Long-term planning of the maintenance, repairs inc.expenses for the spare parts and service work
  • JiTiS Based on set data of the single parts and components JiTiS calculates the expences for maintenance and servis, it calculates the single parts price and the service work items. It calculates the expenses for the fuel, tires, insurance, vehicle price depreciation and many other items.
  • JiTiS is introducing and bringing to the market unique tool that is based on the sellers informations, calculates the Certificate of the future running expenses of the car.. This Certificate makes the sales easier, more advanced..


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JiTiS History

JiTiS system was developed in 2012. It was created in the international co-operation of the Czech, German a Swiss companies involved in IT and automotive industry.

  • JiTiS system was built on detailed analysis of the whole sector of the automotive aftersales services in authorized, unauthorized service nets and the spare parts supliers.
  • The first phase of the JiTiS TCO pilot project part has been released in several regions of the Czech republic in 2013. It was the sales service application ( B2B ) designed for the the independent car services. This application was ended after one year.
  • According to results of the new form ( B2C ) that is defined and introduced in the beginning of the 2016. This is the new computational JiTiS TCO platform to the Czech and Slovak republic.
  • During 2016 the JiTiS system will be gradually putted together with the local partners in all European countries.


The additional informations

Under licence of internal and international companies association the JiTiS system operator is the JiTiS CZ s,r,o, company.

  • JiTiS system works with the informations that are available from the vehicle producers, spare parts supliers and the vehicle owners without possibility to verify its correctness.
  • All calculated values has an information character, these are not the owner manual or manual for the car repairs
  • There is no warranty on the calculations and calculation results
  • Provided informations are not of personal information character according to the Law 101/2000 legal code, law regarding personal data protection.


Terms & conditions – the actual text of the January 1, 2016

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