JiTiS Concept

Why JiTiS – Just in time in Service
Today, car is obvious consumer article . Most of the owners want to run it with no care, simply refuel it and run.
JiTiS is responsible to inform a car owner about all events, repairs to expect up to three years in advance choosing the most convenient spare parts. Those could be also ordered in adavnce so the price is reduced. It enables repairs and maintenance time planning and especially calculation long time in advance.
Everything is transparent, clear and on-line available whenever – just in time!

JiTiS system brings the vehicle maintenance and repairs planning to the sector of the motorist services – with the goal to strongly reduce the expenses due to eliminating the useless expenses when distributing spare parts and increasing the service work productivity. So, it brings the elements of the modern industry production to the service sector. It also enables the customer service quality increase, especially taking over the technical status care from the vehicle owner.
System of the maintenance and vehicle repairs extends the Vehicle planned care based on the users needs depending on driven mileage and real wear out of the chosen parts and other monitored parameters.

 Spare parts needs planning that is connected to the parts production planning and the distribution nets optimization System works with the future order and the future spare parts need. Those are based on the informations collecting from the driver and from the service yard and using a number of algoryihms and statistics. So the need of the parts for the chosen car and calculated time can be specified.

Choice of the relevant spare part according to price – it is determined on the number of tracked parameters and optimalised individually for every vehicle and owner, especially regading to the vehicle value and regarding the way of the vehicle use. System of the Spare parts categorization for a chosen vehicle has been established. This system is connected with the Future parts need and the timely parts order that enables considerable reduction of of the parts, parts distribution and storage.

Parts categorization enables correct assign of convenient spare parts to the chosen vehicle and then also the parts delivery applying the JiTBox – parts delivery for concrete vehicle repair.
So the parts are always assigned to the concrete vehicle and are recorded in the Service history of the vehicle.

JiTiS system newly brings booklet Service history of the vehicle where are registered all running and servicing informations of the vehicle, as well as registration of replaced spare parts and all service operations. So the vehicle owner obtains the overview regarding vehicle „state of health“ But in JiTiS system this is not all, this system offers also the Prognosis of the maintenance and vehicle repairs expenses in the future !
JiTiS system also defines new customer sevices . JiTiS concept of the motorists services enables take control  over regarding technical status, maintenance and vehicle repairs expenses. JiTiS system also enables start of the Periodical vehicle care planning. The vehicle owner makes an agreement regarding Periodical and planned vehicle care that makes relationship with JiTiS stronger and enables not only to access the preview of the service history of the vehicle with the list of the service operations and prices, but also calculation of the future expenses. This, in relation to the balance vehicle value, makes decisions regarding future expenses easier.

Other part of the JiTiS system is the new form of co-operation with the service in the Concept JiTService that enables functionality of the whole JiTiS system in the net of the contractual service yards. It means that every single vehicle is monitored, guaranteed maintenance and repairs procedure using web applications of all support parts of the JiTiS system. Concept JiTService is extended of the number of support services for the service yards and new form of co-operation with the spare parts supliers.

JiTiS offers to the service yard new way of planning using the JiTiS calendar. This new and unique tool for the on-line planning that displays to the service yard all vehicles set in by the service, future timing of the service operations and related parts packages those will be necessary for the vehicle repair.
Planning enables projection for the time period up to two years in advance including orientational range of incomes from the parts and work. It makes operations and investments planning easier. JiTCalendar enables direct set in of the repairs timing and parts ordering via JiTBox.

JiTServis concept will create the net of service yards co-operating in the JiTiS system in the form of franchise net. The integral part of the JiTiS system is the marketing project that is focused on customer – the vehicle owner –  but also to the service yard and other motorist services supliers.

JiTiS system is modern
Sales concept of the motorist services introducing
New business model of the motorist services and also
New business model of deliveries and spare parts distribution


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