What is the way of calculation in the JiTiS TCO ?
JiTiS TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

System description for the JiTiS application user – the estimation of the vehicle running expenses

The application is intended for an qualified estimation of the vehicle running expenses

What is the way of the JiTiS application and the vehicle running expenses calculation for several years?

Application reads necessary technical data from producers databases and spare parts supliers. JiTiS refills those data of single components depreciation value according to the time and driven kilometers. Specific region datas, price level, local regulations and taxes, spare parts producers and distributors preferences and number of other parameters are also taken into consideration.
Then all data are evaluated and used for applied mathematical calculations and presumes the future running expenses. The additional vehicle informations set by customer are also taken into consideration.
Fuel expenses ( patrol, diesel oil, LPG…)
Impact to the fuel expenses have – value of the fuel economy, the engine displacement, engine output, vehicle age, size and weight, drive style, future driven mileage, traffic statistics of other vehicles, actual fuel price and other datas..

Tires expenses
Impact to the tires expenses have – tires dimensions, value of depreciation, actual market price, future driven kilometers, size and weight of the vehicle, depreciation per driven kilometer, drive style, tires quality, summer and winter traffic and other parameters..
Service expenses – price for the service work
Service expenses are set according to various brands and models time standards, price per service hour for single brands. Influence have also the price for model, age of the car, service yard quality and regional price .
Service expenses – price for the spare parts
Service expenses are also set according on knowledge of necessary spare parts, databases of supliers and producers, spare parts prices on the market and single price and quality categories. Influence have also the parts depreciation, future driven kilometers, parts replacement schedule, quality request, assigning parts price to the time value of the vehicle..

Price for the vehicle depreciation ( difference between new and the residual vehicle value )
This is known from the actual vehicle price, the age and driven mileage, vehicle status when bought – depreciation of important vehicle components, future driven mileage and future depreciation of important vehicle components..
Neglected care calculation
Neglected care is based on known informations ( set by owner, service yard or seller ) – components status, completed repairs, parts replacements and completed maintenance. Affected is also esceeded parts life time. So are calculated the future running expenses to get paid in addition.
Price for the third party insurance – insurance for the vehicle use
Calculation is completed based on the market insurance offer depending on the vehicle brand and model. Affected and important to the accurate insurance are also users datas, bonuses.

Expenses calculation is refilled by graph with the expenses imaging. Displayed is the total time period, monthly expenses for planned period and expenses for one driven kilometer.

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