Find out the real running expenses of your car

Running expenses of your car   ( JiTiS TCO ) is the important item for every family , household and company. The estimate future value of these expenses has the key role for decision to buy or sell .

JiTiS enables everybody to see the structure of the following expenses of every single car – your car. JiTiS can also show the realistic estimation of what would be the future cost of the repairs, what car parts will be neccessary to buy.

You are thinking of a new car purchase and you want to choose the right one.

No need to be afraid with JiTiS. Due to CTO calculation you will know exactly the running expenses. It does not matter if the car is new or used – second hand or what is the volume of neglected maintenance. JiTiS will help you to answer the most common questions.

  • What will be the total running expences except the purchase car price
  • What is the technical status of the car and how can I find out the expenses of the neglected maintenance
  • Is it better to buy older car with lower mileage or newer one with more kilometers


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You already own a car and you want to know what are the running expenses or the price for driven kilometer?

Calculate the future running expenses. Based on declared status of the maintenance, repairs, driven kilometers, your way of use and the age of the car JiTiS will calculate your future expenses for the following three years. Are you planning the company or the family expenses? Does it make sense to buy another car ?

  • What is the car cost in real? What will be necesary maintenance you will have to go through, what expenses to expect
  • Is it better to fix the car and keep it running or sell it and buy another one
  • Should I own the car or should I rent it


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You are not sure when the car should be brought to a service yard, you want to keep the car status under control?


Plan and calculate your future expenses for the maintenance and repairs yourself. Do you think that repairs are expensive, that service yard changes parts that seemed to be still OK? Do you think that the spare parts are far expensive or not the right ones?

  • You don´t know your car maintenance schedule, the right time for the oil & filter change and other repairs
  • What spare parts and what quality to choose for your used car
  • What repairs to expect, when the new tyres will be needed and when to bring the car to the technical inspection


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You are planning to sell your car – calculate its status, issue its certificate yourself!

The sales value is not set only by the car brand, important is also the car type, age and driven mileage. In fact, the future buyer will need to know : what will be the future expenses ? Tell the buyer what has been already changed, fixed, what was the level – the quality of the maintenance. This will be the fair deal. Issue the certificate of future expenses as valid for the used car. Issue it yourself!

  • What is the technical stauts of the car, what is it´s sales value
  • What are equal running expenses in comparation to other car brands on the market
  • What is the quality of the car? Was it maintained well?


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JiTiS is also the authority and database of the reliable and checked vehicles

JiTiS certificate issue your certificate yourself!

Equal volume of the running expenses.

JiTiS certificate comparison – this certificate compares the future maintenance expenses of various car brands. This certificate will be calculating the future expenses as valid for 3 Yeras and 28.800km ( 800km / 1 month ). Calculation is using the internal adjustment of the JiTiS data system All records regarding the car maintenance, car repairs and value of the car depreciation will be remained.

More regarding JiTiS certifacate

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