Certificate JiTiS

Certificate JiTiS quantifies the future running expenses of the car for three years and 28.800 driven kilometers.
It is based on the car technical status, it calculates the total expenses include the price of the spare parts and the service yard work. It enables future expenses comparison of different cars.

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What is the use of JiTiS Certificate

Certificate JiTiS TCO – this is the certificate of the future running expenses of the car, intended for a used car sale

It clearly describes the vehicle, it´s technical status, completed and neglected maintenance

It calculate complete running expenses for following three years include the expected price for the maintenance and repairs


  • Certificate is issued by seller. Seller is filling in the value of the wear out as valid for every single item, parts replacement and car repairs
  • Verify the Certificate and find out the authenticity and the date of issue.
  • The part of certificate is the list of the previuos repairs and maintenance – you can check it on your car
  • Next maintenance and repairs – the overview and the timing of the future spare parts replacement and prices is included
  • You can enter the program and modify already filled in items according to your own new needs you can change the yearly driven mileage, the way of use, adjustment of the spare parts prices and others..

You can download the Certificate in PDF and print it out.

Do you want to issue the JiTiS Certificate for your vehicle ?

It is simple. Calculate the running expenses of your car and based on this create your certificate.

FAQ / frequently asked questions present all of them

what is the difference between paid and free of charge calculation?

Free of charge calculation is only for the basic review of the Total running expences of the brand and model. It takes into account the age and driven mileage of the vehicle. It is adjusted for period of 2 years and 800 km per month. All adjustments are in their basic JiTiS values. It is expected that maintenance, reparations and parts replacement has been completed according to producers instructions and adjusted parts lifetime. So it does not take into consideration the real vehicle status, personal specifications of use and other parameters. Paid calculation is for specific vehicle, vehicle owner, not just for general brand and model. It enables to change and modify the Personal parameters, especially the yearly mileage and calculated time of use. It enables prices adjustment, specification of the Technical parameters and add Real status of depreciation and completed maintenance and find out the real value of neglected care and remarcably accurate the three Years running expenses calculation. After payment, you can repeat calculation 10 times with many parameter changes within one month.

what parameters and adjustmens can by changed, affected in paid version?

For specific vehicle in Free version we can change and adjust or change parameters and values preset in JiTiS. Another calculation with changes and your own specifications input will be charged according to the price list. Your own parameters the another calculation will be charged according to the price list. After payment, for a certain time you can change any parameters and adjustments, you can also change completed maintenance and repairs. Such calculation can be repeated 10 times. In personal adjustment you can modify yearly driven mileage – from 3.000km – 60.000km per year. Summer and winter mileage can be input separately. You can also adjust drive style – sport, fast, obvious or economy. Quality of the spare parts is of three different levels, separately for chassis and other vehicle parts. There are three quality levels for tyres, In section technical parameters you can input manual or the automatic gear box, aircondition, rim dimensions of summer and winter wheels. You can also change your vehicle consumpion – add your value instead of preset – JiTiS one. The oil change interval can be also changed. In section Neglected care you can add completed maintenance and repairs. In section Prices adjustment you can change the price for the Fuel, price of the Service work, the Engine oil and the Actual vehicle price. In section Other adjustment can be changed the vehicle Insurance and Highway stickers, fees for Garage, Parking spot, Road tax, Other obligatory taxes, fees for the Car wash and Other secondary expenses.

is the cost of 6 € just for one calculation?

For chosen vehicle you can input or change parameters preset in JiTiS. After change and input of your own parameters the another calculation will be charged according to the price list. After payment, for a certain time you can change any parameters and adjustments, you can also change completed maintenance and repairs. Calculation can be repeated 10 times. So you can easily find out the value of the vehicle based on discovered facts, for example declared maintenance or repairs, make your calculations more accurate. It does not matter if you are not familiar with machinery. We will lead you throughout the system of technical questions, those are systematically targeted to various functional devices. We will show you what should be targeted, asked. So, you will find out huge difference on running expences comparing two vehicles of the same model. So you will find out what was neglected and how much will it cost in close future.

why sould I pay for the Certificate when selling the car?

JiTiS certificate of the vehicle running expenses. Certificate completes the vehicle sales offer – it contains the basic information regarding the Future running expenses. These are expressed in one digital value – value of the Total running expenses. This is, beyond the selling price, the most important point of interest for every potential vehicle buyer. The total running expences includes expenses of the Neglected care are based on dozen of parameters and all informations regarding the vehicle status, fuel economy, maintenance expenses etc. as described in JiTiS definition. Seller is only to insert the informations regarding the maintenance and repairs status, together with the level of wear out of single chosen devices. The other parameters are set for Certificates the same way. This guarantees comparability of any vehicles regardles the age, mileage, brand or model.Well set and processed informations regarding the vehicle, especially maintenance and repairs,serves well for comparison of the future running expenses of other vehicles. Herewith, seller advices the way of maintenance and it´s status. In Certificate, there is clearly specified the vehicle maintenance and repairs so the buyer can check these during the car inspection. Since the Certificate is calculated and issued it is impossible to change it . Calculation is memorized in the JiTiS system and can be found out and verified on the web sites www.jitis.cz. This double check is free of charge. New potentional buyer can add his personal adjustment and preferences into adopted Certificate and let recalculate.the Running expenses especially for him. You will not need any assistance, you will manage this yourself.

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